Welcome to my Homepage

This is my new and improved homepage, created by Kayleigh Owen for CMST 386. It's currently built on HTML5 + CSS3, and includes our assignments for our 2016 Winter Course.

Genereal Information

  • Major: Information Technology
  • First Online Class: Political Science in 2005
  • Expertise: Enspiring Enthusasist
  • CMST 385: Summer 2016

Web Designing

  • Current: Freelance personal web dsigner; webmaster for Kinser Library
  • Scripting Languages: Giving JavaScript and jQuery a try, but still very much learning.
  • HTML/CSS Editor of Choice: Previously Komodo, now I'm working with Atom

About My Computer

  • Type: MacBook Pro
  • Operating System: Mac OS
  • Web Browser of Choice: Firefox and Chrome

Course Goals

Creating a Webpage

My current goal is to make an attractive and possibly interactive website for storytellers (the people who read aloud at the library) and eventually pass down the webmastering skills to others in my section who could benefit from such information.

What We Do

Modern Bards: Library Storytellers

  • Social and cultural activity of sharing stories
  • Thriving in improv, theatrics, and embellishments
  • Cultural preservation and instilling moral values
  • Provide aethetic and artistic elements that interact in well-developed stories
  • Elements of the oral storytelling art form include visualization and vocal and bodily gestures.

Commandements of Storytelling

Center for Children's Books

  • "Thou shalt not forget the child is the most important story programming element."

    Janice Harrington, CCB Illinois
  • "Thou shalt not forget that after the child, the story is the most important element."

    Janice Harrington, CCB Illinois
  • "Thou shalt play, engage and involve the children, parents, and/or teachers participating in your event."

    Janice Harrington, CCB Illinois